Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July 2017

Ever wanted to launch a rocket? Find out if there’s life on Mars?

Then come to the British Festival of Space! The Festival has a packed programme of workshops, presentations and hands-on interactives aimed at all the family. Visit our exhibition and find out how Britain is exploring the final frontier and developing space technology to improve our lives.

“Hands on Space” Exhibition
Find out about the UK’s national space programme and the organisations involved. Discover how British Scientists have been exploring Saturn and its moon, Titan and how satellites built in Surrey will help rescue workers deal with natural disasters.

Activities include:
“The Right Stuff Challenge” – presented by the National Space Centre. Find out if you have what it takes to be an astronaut!
Rocketry workshops – presented by Blast Off 4 Britain. Launch your own model rocket
“Huygens Hub” – presented by the British National Space Centre. See the latest results from the Huygens probe’s landing on Titan
Space Hopper races – presented by Bouncemania. See whether the adults or the children are the Space Hopper Champions!
Live observing sessions – presented by the Faulkes Telescopes Project. Control a telescope in Hawaii to take images of the night sky

Talks on Saturday 2nd July:
10:30 Saturn, Lord of the Rings – Andy Lound, The Planetary Society
11:30 How to be a Rocket Scientist – Prof. Martin Barstow, University of Leicester
12:30 At Home in Space – Dave Shaylor – Astro Info Service
14:00 Sir Isaac Remembers… – Prof. Mike Edmunds, University of Glamorgan
15:00 Life in the Universe – Prof. Barrie Jones, Open University
Talks on Sunday 3nd July:
11:30 Saturn, Lord of the Rings – Andy Lound, The Planetary Society
12:30 Making Space in Our Lives – Dr David Park, University of Nottingham
14:00 Impact – Dr Kevin Yates – National Space Centre
15:00 The Day they Launched a Woodpecker – Jerry Stone

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